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Feature Bounties

As a way of saying thanks to developers for their time, we've implemented a small bounty system to reward feature development.

How much are they?

We currently have 3 bounty levels

LevelAmountIt should take...E.g.
1€20Roughly 1-2 hours work for a junior/intermediate developerSmall bugfixes, UI tweaks
2€40Roughly 3-5 hours work for an intermediate/senior developerMinor feature, e.g. Howto search
3€85Roughly 6+ hours work for a more senior developerMajor feature, e.g. Research module

How do I find bounty issues?

Simply go to the Issues page on github and look for issues with labelled with Bounty.

Note - the exact bounty level is not included as knowing in advance how much work will be involved is hard! Instead we assign levels collectively on the monthly developer call.

How do I claim them?

Step 1 - Assigned the issue

Drop a message in the issue thread to say that you are interested taking it on. If the issue is already assigned, or we think it might be too much for a new or individual contributor we might suggest looking at other issues instead. Otherwise it's all yours :D

Step 2 - Do the work

Once assigned try to complete the issue within the next month. Once complete make a PR, which will get reviewed and merged (maybe with some minor edits requested, or new issues created for future dev work)

Step 3 - Register on open collective

We handle payments through Open Collective. Follow the link and register as a contributor to the project. You can add your paypal or bank details there which will be used to

Step 4 - (optional) Join our monthly dev call

If you want more feedback on the issue or suggested bounty levels, we have a monthly call welcome for all developers to join. After the call we will finalise the bounties and organise the admin.

Step 5 - Receive payment

What if I don't want the bounty?

No problem, if we haven't heard anything from you we'll just keep a record of the bounty and try reach out to see what you would like done with it.

If you just want the bounty to go back in to the community program we can do that, or if you want the bounty to be contributed to somewhere else (e.g. another charity or social cause) then we can also try make arrangements with you.

What if I want to contribute in other ways?

That's awesome! As well as the bounty system we also encourage anyone interested to join our Core Developers or Maintainers team.

These roles include tasks like:

  • Code reviews
  • Code quality improvements
  • Devops and general optimisations
  • Security and general updates
  • Documentation
  • Issue management

There is a separate hourly pay scale for these roles, aimed at developers who help a bit more consistently at around 2-3h per week. If you're interested in these roles then feel free to reach out on slack or during the monthly dev call.